Fuchs für Edgar / Fox for Edgar
2D drawn computer animation,7:43min,no dialogue
Pauline Kortmann, 2021


Edgar is not getting a lot of attention and affection from his parents, as they prefer spending time with their smartphones and laptops than with their son. In the forest, a fox helps lonely Edgar until his parents suddenly get a wake-up call.

Festival dates and further infos: --> www.foxforedgar.de 


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director, producer Pauline Kortmann

Pauline Kortmann
Ulf Grenzer
Maxi Alker
Milen Vitanov
Jost Althoff
Nikolai Neumetzler

backgrounds Pauline Kortmann
illustrations Sandra Brandstätter
sound design & mixing

Michał Krajczok

foley artist

Daniel Weis

foley recordist Hanse Warns
voices Edgar – Beatrice Matis
Mother – Sonja Rohleder
Father – Marco Rosenberg
featuring songs by

Zoë Keating

color grading Viktor Gette
additional compositing

Sonja Rohleder

color consultant

Jan Schneider

script consultant

Annette Friedmann

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